OK QRP Club emblem IAP of the CAS emblem
3 594.492 kHzVackov (JO60EF)
3 594.496 kHzDlouhá Louka (JO60TP)
3 594.500 kHzPanská Ves (JO70GM)
3 594.504 kHzPrůhonice (JN79GX)
3 594.508 kHzKašperské Hory (JN69SD)
7 038.496 kHzDlouhá Louka (JO60TP)
7 038.500 kHzPanská Ves (JO70GM)
7 038.504 kHzPrůhonice (JN79GX)
Antenna:Dipole in direction North-South
Output power:30 dBm (1 W)

OK0EU is short-wave QRP beacon net set up by the OK QRP Club and supported by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (UFA AVCR).

The output power 1 W and low elevated dipole antenna of each transmitter simulate average working conditions of the QRPP radio station. You can use the beacon for your RIG calibration, stability measurement, narrow band receiving experiments, etc.

The frequency of each beacon is set precisely and derived from the high stability 10 MHz normal with 2·10-10 short time stability. On 3.5 MHz five and on 7 MHz three transmitters with 4 Hz separation are running for multipoint measurement. The call sign is sent 40 Hz up to identify ionospheric echoes.

The scientific aim of the project is to study fine changes in ionosphere caused by the infrasound effects, see the UFA web page HERE.

e-mail contact: OK1DCP